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Exclusive Tanzanite & Sapphire Beaded Candy Necklace

Exclusive Tanzanite & Sapphire Beaded Candy Necklace

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Let your inner beauty shine with Tanzanite by your side!

Endless deep purple sparkling fine Boho-Chic necklace, enriched with;   

  • white sparkling diamonds
  • tanzanite, labradorite, sky blue apatite and sapphire
  • sparkling 14k gold drops of amethyst
  • 14k gold beads
  • 14k gold clasp

Will be shipped in a luxurious velvet gift box via DHL/UPS express mail.

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Sapphire will let your inner beauty shine! .A spiritual stimulant for your soul, this precious gemstone opens the third eye to higher guidance and inner wisdom. Elevate your gemstone collection with the majestic energy of sapphire. Let all mental tension and unwanted thoughts be released and peace of mind reign supreme.

Properties: Spiritual Connection, Guidance, Inner Wisdom
Element - Water
Chakras - Third Eye, Throat

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