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Australian Chrysoprase & Diamonds Beaded Candy Necklace

Australian Chrysoprase & Diamonds Beaded Candy Necklace

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Clean sophisticated precious bohemian necklace, enriched with:  

  • Sparkling diamonds
  • AAA quality Australian chrysoprase
  • Arizona turquoise
  • Angel Skin Coral
  • 14k Solid Gold Beads & Charm
  • 14k Solid Gold Clasp 

Will be shipped in a luxurious velvet gift box via DHL/UPS express mail.

Chrysoprase necklace

    Chrysoprase can help bring balance to the life force energy residing within you. Its vivid green hue carries energetic properties that are thought to facilitate yin and yang balance, imparting a renewed vibrancy to your body. In addition to its calming energy for meditation, Chrysoprase may provide a powerful source of inspiration and soulful expression to those who seek it

    Properties: Energy balance, Meditating, Communication
    The Elements - Water and Eart
    Chakras - Throat, Heart

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