ethiopian opals gold necklace

Solid Gold 14K Multi Beaded Gem Jewelry and Ethiopian Opals Necklaces

There are Opals...and Ethiopian Opals. Ethiopian Opals will boost your chakra energy and make you smile! Ethiopian opal is traditionally thought to increase emotions and enhance the characteristics of its wearer. Historians observe that it can protect you from undesired influences, while assisting to eradicate negative karma. That's the spirit we are looking for!

handknotted ethiopian opal necklace

We all wait for something exclusive… something unique to own and wear every day. A piece of jewelry to be dazzled by its beauty.... This new Ethiopian necklace that just added on the website is definately a unique piece!

We're using shimmering, luminescent opals, this necklace is a true masterpiece. These Ethopian opals are graduated in size, incredibly rare, and hold an enchanting sparkle of blues, greens, pinks, and purple shimmers.

When looking at these Welo Opals you see them light up is like fireworks, a burst of fiery enchanting colors that’s impossible to ignore! All created by Mother Nature... crafted to perfection by us! Feel blessed and enchanted, when wearing rare Weilo Opals!

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