Arizona turquoise necklace with gold

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These days we see so many forms of Turquoise on the market... Discover Authentic Turquoise: How to Identify the Real Deal

At My Gemme we only sell untreated genuine turquoise, straight from the Arizona mines. This is quite rare as of today almost 90% of the turquoise on the market is dyed howlite, a mineral which can be dyed in almost any colour you can imagine.

Thankfully there are a few checks that you can do to help determine if you’re buying real turquoise.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gold necklace
  • Price: if the price is too good to be true then it probably is howlite and unfortunately, not the sought after Arizona Turquoise. Real Turquoise is very expensive due to its rarity. Authentic turquoise is rare, so it comes with an expensive price tag. The turquoise My Gemme is using only comes from the original Arizona mines, Kingman mines or Globe mines (for sleeping beauty Turquoise). Those form of turquoise stand out for its apperance and its vivid blue color. Sleeping beauty or Arizona turquoise is a very rare stone that has a typical price tag  between $10-50 per carat (1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams)
  • Turquoise does have some inclusions, those inclusions are parts of copper. The main contributor to the blue color found in turquoise is the copper that the stone contains. For an easy and quick test you can scratch a fingernail to see if the stone damages. Only Howlite "turquoise" is very soft and will leave a scratch. Real turquoise is much harder and won't leave a mark.
  • Color: The sleeping beauty turquoise, only found in the Globe mines in Arizona, stand out for its vivid blue colour, or alo named "Robinson Egg colour". This color is unique for turquoise. Kingman turquoise have a slightly less vivid blue color but also still have bright hues of turquoise. 

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